Our Favorite Places to Get Waxed in NYC

Amanda Elser
Our Favorite Places to Get Waxed in NYC
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And when we say wax we mean…ya know… down there. We know it’s not a topic that many women like to talk about, but we have all done it (or thought about doing it) and you should really get it done at a place you trust. We know it can be a bit awkward, but the outcome will definitely be worth the pain in the end.

So ladies, throw on your roomiest pair of jeans, pop a few pain relievers and check out our slideshow above of our favorite places to get bare in NYC to find your next waxing service.

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We love European Wax Center for a few different reasons. One, the team is as nice as can be and immediately make you feel at home and two, their stripless wax service makes the whole process a tad-bit more enjoyable. 

Their four step process is designed to cleanse, protect, wax and rejuvinate the skin that will leave you in much less pain and silky smooth. 

Strip Ministry of Wax knows a thing or two about bushes and how to get rid of them. They have been around since 2002 and have one mission in life: " To help you conquer the body foliage and achieve that baby smooth wax factor."

That is enough for us. 

Uni.K. Wax Center is a popular choice in our offices. Their wax centers use an herbal wax unique to their own services. They claim to be the cleanest, greenest and fastest ever and so far they have proven themselves right!

There are a lot of things we like and appreciate about the Bliss Spa wax service, but what we like most is their bluntness. They know what they are doing and they want to share everything with you. Their "Beginners Guide to Bikini Waxing" is a helpful fact sheet of all the things you wonder about but may be too shy to ask. So whether you want a bikini, Brazilian or their signature betweeny, they always have your best interest (and modesty) at heart.

They may be a full-service spa, but it is the bikini waxes that make this J'aime Day Spa the place to be. And while no one can promise a completely "painless" bikini wax, the estheticians that work at J'aime do a great job of coaching your through each strip with an encouraging thigh tap or breathing tip. Plus, for the particularly prudish ladies out there, they have mastered the art of a Brazilian with your underwear on. With a thong and a reasonable amount of leg spreading you can achieve the same bare look without having to blush... as much.

If you want a gentle and lasting hair removal, Completely Bare is the place for you. On the map even before its founder Cindy Barshop scored a starring role on Bravo's Real Housewives of New York City. Completely Bare offers cutting edge hair removal treatments of everytype and after your wax you could even get a signature vajewel: where you can adorn your va-jay-jay with Swarovski crystals. 

Stark Waxing Studio is actually anything but 'stark.' The airy and open facility is a wax only salon "dedicated to the art of waxing." Their hard blue and cream wax imported from Europe takes a bit of the pain out of waxing, plus the quick method uses a ripping-off-a-band-aid mentality, which leaves your skin smooth AND silky.

Not to frighten ladies, not all of the best spa's are located in midtown. Sava Spa is located just steps away from the highest point in Manhattan. That's right, one of our fave places to get stripped is located in Washington Heights. The Polish-born owner has a celebrity clientele that includes Uma Thurman so we suggest you make your appointment sooner rather than later. 

For those ladies that want to escape city life when they go to the spa, Astoria's Spa Hydra is truly the place for you. With a hushed atmosphere and airy lights, everything about this spa, including their organic waxing done with beeswax and essential oils, is about relaxation.

Probably the most famous amongst Manhattan's waxing studios would have to be J. Sisters International. Their famous wax is given almost 200 times a day, so that in itself should be enough to convince you to go. Plus, present your student ID and get 15 percent off! 

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