Kate Middleton’s Skincare Secrets: Get Her Glow

Rachel Adler

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Kate Middleton has been gracing the covers of just about every weekly in recent months, and Prince Will’s other half has somehow always managed to look flawless and fresh faced. We chatted up the guru behind her favorite skincare line, Julie Cichocki of Karin Herzog Skincare, to get the secrets behind her glowing complexion.

Recently we’ve been hearing hype about paraben-free products. Karin Herzog Skincare is paraben and preservative free. What is so damaging about parabens to the skin?

KH: Many parabens have been around for years, so you may think they are very safe to use, but your skin may not like them and, even though it may take some time, could eventually result in reactions and problems later on. The best advice is to use products that do not contain them, then you avoid any risk!

Kate Middleton is reported to be a huge fan of your Oxygen facials and products. What skincare regimen do you recommend for a healthy glow, like Kates?

Just like Kate, all you need to do is follow a simple rule, Use a Karin Herzog Oxygen based cream twice a day!…That’s it! The cream you would use as a first time user will be one of 2 or 3, depending on age and skin type, etc.

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Everyone has been raving about Kate Middeton’s skin – we can’t get over how flawless it is! What products will she be using leading up to, and on, her wedding day?

Kate, being under 30 is a fan of our Oxygen Face cream, used twice a day. She also uses our spot zapper – Vita a Kombi 3, which needs to be applied to problematic areas, again twice a day. We would also recommend our best selling cleanser – ‘professional cleansing’ which is also available in Chocolate!

The big day is often filled with loads of stress and pressure how can brides-to-be maintain glowing skin for their big day, even when under stress?

Again, the answer is simple, using Herzog’s Oxygen formulas everyday, will balance, regulate and calm the skin, which will result in a blemish-free complexion and healthy & natural, radiant skin. Stress, like other factors – medication, lack of sleep, alcohol, smoking, will all have a detrimental effect on your Oxygen levels, which then will lower your skin’s natural ability to overcome the signs of pressure & anxiety.

Dewy skin is something many of us try to achieve, but there is a fine line between dewy and just plain greasy. What is the best way to get glowing skin without looking like an oil slick?

Balance it! Very few people have perfectly balanced skin, so they need to use products that are multi-functional.?With Karin Herzog’s Oxygen creams, you can treat and add moisture levels where needed but also reduce gland fluids where they are over active, resulting in a very even skin tone, normally within around 30 days or so!

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What are the best products that different skin types should be using to get glowing skin?

Under 30: Oxygen Face Cream. Over 30: Vita A Kombi 1 or Vita A Kombi AHA. These are all ideal first time user Herzog Oxygen products that will not only give you that glowing look, but will also anti-age, and banish spots all at the same time!

With winter comes dry, flaky skin – the opposite of the dewy look we all want. What products should we be using to keep our skin looking great in the winter?

As well as the daily routine recommended above, which is perfect for all seasons, you should maybe add a fruit acid of a glycolic into the mix.?We have a stand alone Fruit acid cream – AHA cream and a really top spa quality Glyco Rose Serum. Both work very quickly at safely removing dead skin cells and adding life into the skin. Also, because you are always ‘giving back’ with Herzog’s Oxygen based products, you can use the Glycolic, or an AHA cream more regularly than with other ranges.?I would also suggest a day or/and night cream – Karin Herzog’s Day Protection & Additional Sweet – for night time applications.

Again though, adding protection to help resist the effects of climate changes and of course, indoor heating systems is also very advisable.

What is the number one mistake that most women make when it comes to their skin?

It must be the fact that most women, like most men, are ignorant to the fact of what their skin really needs and recognizes. Many people think that simply using a so called moisturizer, will perform miracles, or take away the years in a few applications. They then feel let down and disappointed when products do not perform, or their results are short lived. Why? Because most creams either aim to anti-age by simply stripping the skin, revealing younger skin below, or they provide a superficial layer of ‘moisture’ which cannot penetrate the skin to any real depth.?By using Herzog’s Oxygen creams, you can moisturize at a much deeper level than with any other product, delivering lashings of pure oxygenated water, deep down as far as the Basal layer.

Photo: Chris Jackson, Getty Images News