Kate Middleton’s Skin Secret: Bee Venom?

Rachel Adler

If you thought you were under a lot of pressure to have clear skin, think again. Kate Middleton is constantly scrutinized (as of right now, she is under 24/7 baby watch) so it’s no wonder that she wants perfect skin. Apparently, to get that, she has gone to the Duchess of Cornwall for a recommendation — a bee sting facial.

According to the Daily Mail, Camilla sent Kate to beauty therapist Deborah Mitchell who is famous in the UK for her “non-surgical face lifts.” Mitchell has been working with Camilla for about six years now, and is currently helping Kate out by doing treatments in her home.

The facial contains a bee venom mask which holds on percent bee venom (a product that tricks the skin’s surface into thinking it’s been stung which then increases blood flow, collagen and elasticity). Mitchell then mixes the venom with manuka honey, shea butter, rose and lavender (among other secret ingredients).

With fans such as Victoria Beckham, Kylie and Dannii Minogue and Michelle Pfeiffer, she may just be on to something — what Mitchell describes as an “organic Botox.” The facial costs about $257 or 165 pounds. If Pippa could inspire a rise in butt lifts, maybe Kate will cause bee facials to be the next big thing.

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