If You are Still Using a Tanning Bed, Please Think Again

Amanda Elser

In case you needed any more proof that tanning beds were bad for you anew Yale study has found that tanning beds cause increased rates of early-onset basal cell carcinoma, the most common skin cancer.

The study determined that tanning bed use increased the rates of BCC by 69 percent. So if you are still using a tanning bed to achieve a bronzed glow, your chances of surviving without cancerous effects are definitely dwindling. As Allure accurately said: it is no longer a matter of IF you’ll get cancer, but when.

In an effort to help curb bad tanning bed habits we’ve come up with a few reasons why it is fun to be pale during the winter.

Nothing goes better with a fair complexion then rosy cheeks from the winter cold.

You can be fearless with bold lips and not have to worry about the orange lipstick clashing with your skin.

Learn from Snow White. She had “skin white as snow” and was the “fairest of them all.”

You won’t be taking MORE moisture out of your skin.

We know we have a lot of opinions about a lot of topics, but we really hope you take our advice on this one and if you need bronzer/sunless tanner tips we are here to help!