Get Out, Right Now: You’ll Never Guess Who Is Back

Amanda Elser

Favorite go-to skin care line, Clearasil has partnered up with young recording artist JoJo. Yes, that is right, our favorite 13-year-old pop-star is back, all grown up and still just as good.

JoJo will be performing in a Los Angeles pop-up concert promoting Clearasil’s latest product and singing songs from her third albumJumping Trains.

The free concert will take place on December 17 atHollywood & Highland and will also include JoJo’s hit songs – “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late.” Seriously, we are excited.

The singer is the face behind Clearasil’s latest product, PerfectaWash – an automatic face wash dispenser that provides the perfect dose of hydrating face wash that won’t dry-out your skin during an acne breakout.

We are so happy to see JoJo back on the scene again, fresh-faced and dewy looking after a few years hiatus and we are hoping that her partnership with Clearasil will get her back into the limelight. Because now when she sings about love we may actually believe her.