Get The Inside Scoop On Olive Oil Beauty Products

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Get The Inside Scoop On Olive Oil Beauty Products
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We know that olive oil tastes delicious, but for most of us, we haven’t been letting our body thoroughly indulge in the benefits that come not just from digesting it, but by putting it on our skin and hair. Extremely moisuturizing and au naturale, slathering on some olive oil moisturizer can rival your favorite night cream.

Mario Badescu‘s Skin Expert Nicole Darmanin told us that their Super Rich Olive Body Lotion is the brand’s best selling body lotion, and graciously elaborated on the benefits of using the yummy oil. “Olive oil has been used in skin care for thousands of years because of its ability to increase moisture levels in the skin and improve elasticity,” Darmanin explained. “We use olive oil in our formulations because we find it to be a gentle and effective way to soften and hydrate dehydrated skin even in the delicate eye area.” Indeed, the oil is great for all skin types, and won’t harm or damage even the most sensitive of skin.

We also spoke with one of our favorite designers, who has the best skin we’ve seen in ages; the olive oil afficionada herself, Norma Kamali. She told us about her lifelong love affair with the luscious oil, her beauty rituals, and some products she’s created as part of her Wellness Caf offerings, which include both food and beauty items.

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What are some of the known benefits of consuming, and absorbing olive oil?

Olive oil has a never-ending list of benefits. It is a good fat that is good for the heart , and overall body function. The last discovery is that is has been shown to help clean the liver of toxins taking into our bodies such as pesticides. I think of olive oil as a lubricant for inside the body and the results can also be seen though skin and hair.

I know you’ve been slathering it on, I think thanks to your mom, since practically childhood; for someone to start now, even if they are already starting to have signs of aging, dryness issues etc — do you think it will still have a significant impact, of using them in beauty products?

Never too feels so good on the skin, a great way to feel the change in your skin is to shower with a salt scrub and olive oil.. your skin will glow and feel amazing. I recommend olive oil massages. And FYI olive oil has been know to be a great lubricant.

Can one easily make their own olive oil-based skincare products?

My favorite is, first of all dont use cheap olive oil. It should be exactly what you want to eat. The skin takes in nutrients so why not the best. Then, Himalayan pink sea salt mixed with olive oil as well as your favorite natural scents makes the best scrub.

Why do you think, in the USA, olive oil as skincare and cleansing products hasn’t quite picked up steam yet?

It is simple and doesnt need men in lab coats to create…we need to bring all personal care back to the simple long proven methods since they are the best and what my Wellness Caf features.

If you could pick one Wellness product that you’ve created that is a must for an olive oil beauty novice, which one would it be?

The olive calcium is good, the scrub is good too, and we have a tooth soap made of olive oil, coconut oil and cinnamon. Much healthier than toothpaste, no morning breath and gets rid of bacteria. But incorporating olive oil in your diet is really good. But only get the best…

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Why would you ever want to put anything so close to your eyes that wasn't natural? Get intense moisture overnight with a dab of this olive oil and cocoa butter blend eye cream. [Mario Badescu Olive Eye Cream, $18,]

Is there anything more amazing than a natural cleansing and exfoliation? Try this liquid on your face as well as your body and feet to immediately feel the ground olive pits taking care of those dead skins cell for you. [Norma Kamali Wellness Olive Only Soap w/Exfoliant, $10 for the 2 oz bottle,]

As pure as they come, lather up and wash away olive-y goodness that works for all skin types and will leave skin thoroughly moisturized. [Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Bar Soap, $2.99 for the 4 oz bar,]

Made in Italy, a teeny, tiny bit goes an extemely long way with this oil-based moisturizer (apply a few drops to the skin before bed time and let dry), determined to cure any dry skin issues one may have. [Olivella Virgin Olive Oil Deep Moisturizing Serum, $25,]

Incredibly creamy yet still somehow light, you'll never reach for another bottle of lotion again, as this high-percentage of olive oil lotion softens and moisturizes like no other. [Mario Badescu Super Rich Olive Body Lotion, $10-$22,]

Packaged in a recyclable, biodegradable paper sleeve, this olive oil infused pretty lil' bar is paraben, SLS and phthalate-free, and is gentle enough to use on face and body (trust us, we tested it for you). [ONE Bar Soap in Extra Virgin, $6.59,]

Made from first-press olive oil, this high-grade oil is as good for your skin as it is to eat.  You may just want to bring it with you to the spa the next time you book a massage. Available in six scents. [Norma Kamali Wellness Massage Oil, $10 for the 2 oz bottle,]

Combining olive oil with shea and cocoa butters? Genius! [c. Booth Italian Olive Oil Body Butter, $6.99,]

Get spritzy with it via this face mist that combines organic olive tree leaf extract, olive water and olive oil for an uber-clean, natural face refresher. [L'Occitane Olive Tree Organic Toning Face Mist, $22,]

Sulfate-free, restore moisture and nutrients to your hair quickly with this shampoo that includes organic mandarin and olive oil extracts, as well as Vitamin E. [Organix Healing Mandarin Olive Oil Shampoo, $6.99,]

This fragrance-free cleansing bar, part of the new Naturals line, boasts avocado and olive oils to be incredibly kind and gentle to your skin. [Neutrogena Naturals Face & Body Bar, $3.39,]

Your armpits were beginning to get jealous of all the olive oil love your other body parts were getting, so thankfully L'Occitane has a Ecocert certified organic, paraben-free deodorant. The ingredients are a natural combo of lavender, lemon tree, olive tree, sage, and verbena. [L'Occitane Olive Tree Gentle Deodorant 1,7 fl.oz, $16,]

We're going to be completely honest with you: this is a miracle product. It has ONLY two ingredients and makes an excellent face and body moisturizer, gives relief from rashes, bedsores, or burns, and irritated skin from shaving. Plus it is perfectly safe to use on babies and pets. Oh yeah, and it fits in your carry-on bag. We told you. [Norma Kamali Wellness Olive Calcium Liniment, $15 for the 2 oz bottle,]

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