FDA Approves A “Personalized” Injectable

Rachel Adler

Repairing damaged, sagging or aging skin just got a whole lot more personal. The FDA has approved an injectable called laViv, which is a soft-tissue stimulator made specifically for each patient from his or her own skin. The material was cleared for stimulating the body’s own collagen to soften smile lines. According to Allure, dermatologist Frederic Brandt predicts that laViv will have a variety of therapeutic uses. He said, “It will improve acne scars and burn scars and it has the potential to retexturize the skin, shrink pores, and revitalize the decolletage and the backs of hands.”

Brandt also added that laViv won’t be suitable for building bigger cheeks or fatter lips. The new injectable will take an average of three months for the company to fill the order, but if you’d rather have your own skin used to plump up your smile lines it may be worth the wait. The process involves a dermatologist or plastic surgeon numbing your skin behind your ear (a small section) and removing three small pieces of skin. These pieces are then shipped off to a lab, purified and multiplied into millions of new cells. At the 90 day mark, the cells are tested to make sure they are sterile and then frozen. At this point a vial of the cells can be sent back to the doctor’s office and defrosted to be injected into the patient.

The process involves three different injection sessions that are three to six weeks apart and your results may not show until the final session. The effects last for at least six months, and the side effects that were seen in studies were minimal (injection-site reactions such as swelling and bruising).

What do you think of this latest form of injectable? Would you inject yourself with your skin rather than have wrinkles?