Botox in Gel Form: Wrinkle Fighting May Become Pain Free

Rachel Adler

It’s a well-known fact that Botox is many women’s cure to those pesky lines and wrinkles that tend to creep up over time. Although many of us realize that injecting little shots along the hair line and lips may hurt, thousands are still willing to go through it for a wrinkle-free complexion.

But now researchers are working on an anti-wrinkle gel that could reduce the appearance of crow’s-feet when applied to the eye area after being left on for a half hour (then cleaned off). The results are said to last about four months, which is similar to Botox injections. The gel is formulated with Botulinum toxin, and has shown promising results in the clinical trials — but costs aren’t yet known.

Since the toxin is involved, these creams will have to be adminstered at a doctor’s office (like the injections) but could mean a painless treatment to combat wrinkles.

If you had the option of receiving the Botulinum toxin by a gel, instead of an injection, would this persuade you to use the remedy?

[via New Beauty]

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