8-Year-Old Who Gets Botox Says She Looks Like “Pretty Words”

Rachel Adler

We were stunned to learn about a Kerry Campbell, a mother who was injecting her 8-year-old daughter Britney with Botox awhile back, and then even more shocked to also find out she subjected her child to “virgin waxes,” and this morning the mother was interviewed on Good Morning America by Lara Spencer to talk about the experience, and the reasoning behind it.

The interview tugs at your heart strings, with Britney saying “I do it but it hurts sometimes, but I get used to it.” And then Spencer has her point out where her mom injects her with the Botox. Then, when Spencer asks her what she does it for, she replies “I don’t know.” Which mother Kerry quickly lets out a bit of a shocked gasp and Britney corrects herself, saying “Oh yeah, I do it because I see wrinkles and um, it just like I just like don’t think wrinkles are nice for little girls.”

Apparently Kerry began giving Britney Botox to help her keep up in the pageant world but Kerry confesses that it was her decision, Britney did not ask her for it. What’s worse, is we’re shown photos from after Britney’s Botox “treatments” holding ice to her injection spots, seemingly bruised and puffy.

Spencer asked Britney if she thinks she looks better with the injections, and she replied, “It looks way better. Like beautiful, pretty, like all those kinds of nice words.” Sadly, if she just wants to look like the “pretty words” then something is terribly wrong here.