8 Self Tanners To Get You Ready For Spring Weather

Rachel Adler
8 Self Tanners To Get You Ready For Spring Weather
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So we may not be able to get the weather off of our minds, but it’s not really our fault. It’s March, it’s dreary, and we’ve had a really long winter. We can’t really help the fact that we’ve started dressing in far too little layers for the weather and trying out the spring trends a bit too early. As all of our layers shed we also need to think about the condition of our skin. Not just moisturizing, but also how pale and pasty we are.

In order to not blind anyone with our ghostly appearance (and save ourselves from skin cancer), self tanners come in quite handy this time of year. Above are a few of our favorites, and some tricks to save you from those orange streaks.

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This aerosol formula provides a streakless tan instantly helping to guide you with the color coating process. (Bliss A Tan For All Seasons, $36, ulta.com)

This hydrating self-tanner gradually adds color while also firms up your skin and helps with elasticity, battling that horrid cellulite. (Tarte CelluFIGHT Anti-Cellulite Self Tanner, $15, sephora.com)

This moisturizing creme softens your skin for up to 12 hours while also giving you a bronze tone. (Hawaiian Tropic Island Radiance Creme Tropic Self Tanner, $10.99, ulta.com)

An extreme favorite of ours, these almost fool-proof towelettes are easy to apply. Just remember to swipe on in a circular motion! (Kate Somverville 360 Tanning Towelettes $48 (for 8), sephora.com)

This super lightweight daily tanning cream is derived from sugar beets and sugar cane to produce a natural self tan. (Josie Maran Argan Self Tanning Cream, $32, sephora.com)

This clear gel self-tanner provides a mess-free application and the ability to layer on your tan. (L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Clear Self-Tanning Gel, $10.49, walgreens.com)

E! teamed up with Xen-Tan to create a flawless self tanner, albeit a bit pricier than the rest it will get you event-ready in no time. (Xen-Tan's E! Live From The Red Carpet Custom Self-Tanner, $43, xen-tan.com)

This lotion includes a bit of sheer color as you apply to minimize mistakes. (True Blue Spa Bronzing Self-Tanning Lotion in Strike Gold, $15, bathandbodyworks.com)

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