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The Expert-Approved K-Beauty Winter Routine for Every Skin Type

And every product is less than $50.
K-Beauty Winter Routine for Every Skin Type.
Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER.

It should come as no surprise that experts recommend that our skin-care routines change with the seasons. For instance, the lightweight gel moisturizer that meshed with your dry skin in the summer may need to be traded out for a heavy oil come winter. And what about the makeup remover that didn’t leave you with breakouts at the onset of fall? Once the first snowfall arrives, the same product could become breeding ground for unsettling dry patches and surprise pimples.

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Though the idea of shifting around the products on your vanity may seem cumbersome and time-consuming, the adjustment is ultimately the key to keeping your skin in check, no matter the weather. And besides, why pass up the opportunity to get familiar with the never-ending amount of products getting props from the best in the beauty biz? If you’re already overwhelmed, we’ve narrowed down our winter skin-care guide to finds that fall under the K-beauty umbrella.

And with the help of Charlotte Cho, founder of Soko Glam, we’ve got a multistep plan for oily, dry, acne-prone and combination skin types. The best part? Everything is less than $50, so you can try something new without breaking bank. While you may not want to use every single product, we definitely recommend using each bundle together for best results.

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Some are more pared down—your standard cleanser, toner and moisturizer—while others include treatments and on-the-go mists. Either way, you’re set for at least the winter season. Take your pick ahead.

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