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Busy Philipps Denies Airbrushing Out Her Moles on a Magazine Cover

“Without them, I think I'd look kind of plain and boring.”
Busy Philipps Denies Airbrushing Moles on Magazine Cover

From watching Busy Philipps’s Instagram stories day in and day out, it’s clear to see that the actress isn’t afraid to be herself. But what she’s really not bashful about is her natural beauty, which includes her numerous moles. So when a fan commented on her recent cover of Healthasking why the magazine airbrushed her moles out, Philipps had to set the record straight.

The ask (thankfully) didn’t come from a place of hate and shaming, and instead, the commenter wanted to know why someone would Photoshop Philipps when she’s “absolutely gorgeous” with the “beautiful beauty marks that make [her her].”


And although it may look like the 38-year-old’s face moles are blurred out in the Instagram post, she dutifully replied back that it was simply the brightness of the lighting that made them look like they disappeared. More importantly, keeping her moles in was something Philipps that discussed with Health‘s team to make sure they weren’t airbrushed out.

While Philipps is able to showcase her beauty marks in full splendor now, that wasn’t always the case. In an Instagram post from 2017, she recounted a time when a television network requested her moles be covered up. However, the plan didn’t go over too well and left Philipps feeling insulted about her attractiveness. But at the end of the day, she loves her moles and how they define her look. She said, “Without them, I think I’d look kind of plain and boring.”

The actress shared the same story in her Health interview. “I love my moles—which took a little bit longer for me to kind of embrace,” Philipps said. “When I was on ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ the makeup artists had been told that they were to cover up all my moles. And it was such a moment of reckoning for me as a young actress—of ‘Oh wait, my uniqueness is not wanted here? You don’t want me to look like me?’ It was really horrible.”

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We love how celebs are standing up against Photoshop and instead favoring natural, real beauty. There’s nothing wrong with standing out or straying from the norm. And as Philipps says, you wouldn’t be the same person without the little things that make you you.

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