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Bethenny Frankel On B.S. Beauty Products To Stay Away From & Her Own Skin Care Line

Bethenny Frankel On B.S. Beauty Products Stay Away From & Her Own Skin Care Line

In case you had any doubt, Bethenny Frankel really is that hilarious in person. I got the chance to sit down with the amazing business lady to talk about her new skin care line Skinnygirl Face And Body Solutions. The reality television star turned business mogul started the skin care line as a solution to the problems she was facing when she was shopping for beauty products. See what she has to say below about her affordable line, her own beauty routine and what’s in store for Skinnygirl.

On her decision to go from cocktails to cosmetics: 

“I come up with ideas based on problems that I want to be solved, or things that I want that I’m not getting. I don’t like the deception of creams that are $100 and $50 and lip glosses that are $18, because there’s no difference in the product for the most part, it’s just in the packaging and the marketing. I just don’t think that the average person ever knows that. These products are really high quality, they smell great, the ingredients are natural foods, they’re fresh and they’re not perfumed, and they’re not promising that in two days you’re going to look like Heidi Klum, because most of us are not.”

On what makes a good skin care regime: 

“Younger girls have the perception that you want to strip you skin and dry it, to even break out. And I think you really want to feed it, and everything here kind of hydrates and nourishes… You need a consistent skin care routine. If you come home and you wash your makeup off every night and you’re doing a mask and you’re moisturizing and you’re spending time exfoliating your body, that will make you look better.”

On an A List celeb and her runaway tan:

“I’m dry and I like to shimmer. So my Body Shimmer is like, great. It’s not like gloppy and it’s not like getting in the middle of your fingers. You know when you’re putting on self tanner and it gets to be like a runaway tan? Like [one nameless celeb] once, I was wearing a white Gucci dress in Vegas, and I was sitting next to her on a couch, and she got up and I was like, ‘Control your runaway tan!’ Her tan was all over my Gucci dress!”

On how her beauty routine has changed since becoming a mother: 

“You know, since being a mom I’ve been more into it, because it’s just my little time to myself, because I want to take that ten minutes or five minutes in the bathroom to myself, and just feel good. And because I’m getting older, and I want to look cuter.”

On what we can expect from Skinnygirl this spring:

“Right now doing all the formulations and focusing more on the favorites and things like, you know, cheek stains, and more problem solvers. Really, really, really good things.”


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