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Secret Beauty Ingredient: Neem

If you've got dry or sensitive skin, this stuff's for you.
Beauty Products With Neem

We often purchase beauty products because of the pull quotes on the front of the packages touting the seemingly impossible results. Unless you’re especially thorough, you skip the ingredients list on the back of the package – a crucial mistake made by many. “Secret Beauty Ingredient” is our way of finding those beauty ingredients that are becoming staples in the beauty world, or sometimes even better – beauty breakhroughs.

When you have dry skin, winter can be the roughest time of the year. As much as you slather on night cream before bed and load up on facial oil during the day, dry skin can be itchy, uncomfortable, red and downright embarrassing if your moisturizer doesn’t have the right ingredients. Thankfully, we’ve recently discovered the ingredient neem and our dry skin is now a thing of the past (seriously, it cleared up flaky skin and eczema after one application).

An ingredient that’s been used for centuries to heal all types of issues, both physically and mentally, neem soothes and restores itchy, red and irritated skin. In the past, it’s been used on chicken pox to relieve the associated skin irritation. Also, the ingredient works to improve skin’s overall health, fighting bacteria that causes acne (without causing bacterial resistance over time). Neem helps to treat arthritis and musculoskeletal pain when massaged into the skin, so it’s an all around wonder product in our book.

To help you relieve your dry, sensitive skin this winter, we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite products that contain neem. From face masks to moisturizers, take a look at our picks above!

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