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Waxing: Your Go-To Source For Hair Removal

Every single thing you ever need to know about waxing.
Waxing: Your Go To Source for All Things Hair Removal
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Everyone knows that getting waxed (wherever it may be) isn’t exactly the most pleasant part of our grooming routines, but it can be a necessary evil. Waxing can quickly remove hair – and keep it away – so that you no longer need to worry about losing those extra few minutes each morning clambering to shave. But, before you rush to your nearest salon and request a wax, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into. We’ve taken our time to round up some of our best tutorials and tips and tricks on everything you need to know about waxing below – your best (and as pain-free as possible) waxing experience awaits!

Body Waxing 101: Everything You Should Know
From how long a wax lasts to whether you should consider an at-home kit, a professional waxer explains the ins and outs of body waxing.

10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Getting a Wax
From how much to tip to the kind of schedule you should stay on, here are 10 things you need to know about getting a wax.

The Best Waxing Kits for Your Brows, Legs and Bikini Line
For the ladies who prefer to wax at home, this product guide will tell you which kits to use for any kind of DIY waxing you’ll be taking on.

12 Tips to Make a Brazilian Wax Less Painful
No one exactly likes Brazilian waxes, but there are certain tricks that can help to make it less painful. Read these 12 tips before your next appointment.

waxing supplies
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Eyebrow Wax: What You Need to Know Before You Go
Starting to wax your eyebrows? Before you go, you should know how to avoid pain and how long to grow your brows first.

10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Waxing at Home
Between using baby powder beforehand and doing a temperature test on the wax before you start, these are some things you really need to know before attempting an at-home wax.

The Best At-Home Waxing Kits
Not sure which waxing kit to buy? Take a look at this list before making any purchases.

wax for hair removal
Image via Thomas Eye Design/Getty Images

Your Complete How To Guide for a Bikini Wax At Home
For the brave souls who choose to go through with a bikini wax at home, follow these steps for a DIY wax.

Wax On, Wax Off! 7 Essentials for Home Hair Removal
Waxing, shaving, and everything in between, these are the products you need for at-home hair removal.

Waxing 101: Important Details to Know Before Your Spring Break Bikini Wax
Whether you’re going on vacation or simply getting ready for summer, some things you just need to know beforehand.

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