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Why Water Temperature Matters In Your Beauty Routine

You might want to retire those scolding hot showers.
Why Water Temperature Matters In Your Beauty Routine
Joshua Hodge Photography / Getty Images
Joshua Hodge Photography / Getty Images
Joshua Hodge Photography / Getty Images

You might not even realize it, but water is a beauty routine staple. From showering to shaving to shampooing and everything in-between, we use water. And now, it’s time to make sure we’re using it just right—and at the right temperature. Truth be told, it really matters, so read on below before you turn on the faucet.

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Showering: We all love jumping into a steaming hot shower, especially to warm up during these cold winter months. But as good as it may feel, it’s actually not that great for us. Standing under hot water can strip the natural oils from our skin, leaving it dry and vulnerable to cracking. Instead, it’s best to use lukewarm to warm water—nothing too hot—this way we don’t prematurely dry out our skin.

Shampooing: Just like warm water is the best for our skin, it’s the best for our hair as well. If you can get in-between not too hot, and not too cold, you’re doing it just right—as any extremes can be damaging to your hair. Try and keep it neutral!

Washing your face: While hot water can help open up your pores (like we’ve said before), it can also dry out your skin. To give your face the healthiest cleanse, do so using tepid water. A cool rinse is great after washing to help close up the pores, but make sure you never use cold.

Brushing your teeth: Most of us probably brush our teeth using cold water, but if you want to use warm instead—go for it! When it comes to brushing your teeth, water temperature really isn’t a concern, unless it’s scolding hot! You might want to stay away from that.

Shaving: Once again, warm water is the winner, and extremes are not your friend. Tip: shave at the end of your shower, this way you have given your skin and hair time to soften.

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