6 Single-Serving Capsules to Take Your Skin-Care Game to New Levels

Rachel Krause
6 Single-Serving Capsules to Take Your Skin-Care Game to New Levels
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Your skin-care lineup can be made up of the best products on the market, but if the packaging leaves something to be desired then it’s game over. A faulty pump, a leaky jar, a screw-top that’s always coming unscrewed—and then there are the proprietary glass bottles and droppers with which to dispense serums and oils. Charming in their apothecary-style way, sure, but convenient? Travel-friendly? Spill-proof? No, no, and definitely not.

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Capsules in skin care isn’t a new concept, but they are still a game-changer for any routine that’s gone without them for this long. They take everything you love about your favorite oils and serums—concentrated ingredients, vitamins, antioxidants, and potent antiagers stripped down to the essentials—and put them in single-serving form. Just twist off the top, and you’re left with the perfect amount of what you need.

Here, six of the best formulas, which will spare you the drama of a repeat incident of that time you accidentally elbowed the serum off the side of the sink and glass shattered everywhere. Shit’s popping off.

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Everyday environmental stressors can take a major toll on skin, which is why these dual-formula capsules—rose-infused pink in the morning, lavender-based green at night—exist to reverse it. Visible signs of aging and pore-clogging toxins both get the boot, and between the potent antiaging ingredients and the soothing essential oils, you'll look like you've never worked (in front of the computer, in a big city) a day in your life.

Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, $105; at Elemis

Skin naturally repairs itself as you sleep, and this brightening concentrate takes advantage of that process with potent vitamin C, strengthening niacinamide, brightening licorice extract, and more—it's especially transformative for dark spots and uneven skin tone, but it boosts collagen production and gently exfoliates, too.

Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminating Brightening Night Capsules, $84; at Elizabeth Arden

With rejuvenating retinol, hydrating and brightening vitamins C and E, and a major dose of antioxidants in the form of green tea extract and free-radical-devouring lipochromalin, it's safe to say that these capsules are the mecca of antiaging.

Environ Intensive Hydrating Oil Capsules, $79.99; at Concept Skincare

This nighttime treatment is a powerhouse—you'll notice a difference after the very first use, and the results only get better and better over time. If you want to nourish; diminish fine lines; get a softer, more even complexion; and make skin downright radiant, this amino-acid-packed pot of gold is the way to go.

Eve Lom Age Defying Smoothing Treatment, $150; at Space.NK

These gelatinous spherical capsules aren't just fun to use (though they are really, really fun to use): Each one is packed with fullerene, a Nobel Prize–winning ingredient proven to plump and protect the skin against free radicals, along with a blend of plant oils and extracts to energize, lift, firm, and repair all skin types.

J. One Hana Cream, $50; at Glow Recipe

Vitamin C is one of the best—if not the best—ingredients for brightening skin in a big way. This free-radical-fighting formula certainly delivers, visibly reducing fine lines and enhancing radiance no matter what your skin type. The price—and the fact that it's available at nearly any major drugstore—isn't half bad either.

Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Beauty Drops, $23.99; at Dermstore

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