Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Has Big News and It’s Long Overdue

Andrea Jordan
Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Has Big News and It’s Long Overdue
Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for City of Hope.

If you’re a proud member of the Beyhive, which might just include every single person in the country, odds are you know everything there is to possibly know about Beyoncé. That includes the man behind her famous makeup beats—Sir John. Since we know it’s practically impossible to be added to his client list, given the amount of wealth and prestige needed to be considered, we held in our screams (not office appropriate) when we got news of the next best thing: a makeup line from Sir John himself.

Yes, you read that right. Thanks to the makeup maestro, we are one step closer to looking like Mrs. Carter and the forecast for 2019 just got a whole lot better. In a recent interview with WWD, Sir John—who was recently named the new global ambassador of body cosmetic line Alleven—revealed that in addition to his new partnership, he currently has not one, but two licensing deals in the works. In other words, a Sir John makeup line is “totally happening.” And it’s dropping sooner than you think.

“Some things are coming out this year and I think everyone’s going to be super surprised about who I’m partnering with,” the makeup mogul shares. Ah! The anticipation is killing us, though we might have an idea of who that special someone could be. Beyoncé has yet to enter the world of cosmetics, but is no stranger to the beauty industry since releasing fragrances in recent years. But with recent celeb-owned lines like Fenty Beauty and KKW Beauty selling like hotcakes, we wouldn’t blame Queen Bey if a makeup brand was her next big move.

Though Beyonce is the first partnership to come to mind, our suspicion is limited because it isn’t exactly a ‘surprising’ collab as Sir John hinted towards. Considering he’s worked with a slew of other A-listers like Ashley Graham, Priyanka Chopra, Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Joan Smalls, the options are endless and TBH, we’d be thrilled about a line with any of the above.

Since we’re only one month (and some change) into 2019, we’ll have to wait and dream up what these stage-ready products will look like. But rest assured, we’ll keep you posted on any deets that come our way.