Trust Us, Micellar Water Makeup Wipes Are Worth the Hype

Victoria Moorhouse
simple micellar makeup wipes

Courtesy of Simple

Full disclosure, I’m a new micellar water evangelist. And if it comes up in conversation, I will go on and on about how the micelles-infused liquid gently and efficiently cleanses and removes leftover makeup residue, leaving my skin smooth and not one bit tight or dehydrated. I even feel like it’s made my skin glow more and more with each use. It’s become my new go-to, knocking my beloved cold cream – product I’ve used since I was 12 – into second place. So when I heard about Simple Micellar Makeup Wipes ($6) I knew this could be even more game-changing to the state of my skin.

The innovation comes by the way of a brand who already makes a wipe many know and love – and one that is well-known for being a go-to in the sensitive skin game. They look like your average white makeup wipe, but they’re infused with water, vitamins, and micelles, the tiny bubbles that trap and remove dirt and grime.

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I’ll be honest and say that before these landed on my desk, I’ve never been that big of a makeup wipes fan. Many formulas end up drying out and stinging my skin, leaving me running to the nearest bathroom where you can find me hysterically splashing water all over my face to ease the pain. Despite my reservations, I gave these a shot. I ran the soft, slightly saturated cloth over my face and much to my surprise, felt no sting. I looked down and actually saw leftover makeup and dirt attached to it after I was finished, too. Gross, but at least I knew it was working, and that it conquered my budge-proof mascara. Those micelles, man.

Even better, I got the same clean, smooth, refreshing, and hydrated feeling I get when I use the bottled formula, and I didn’t even need to stand over a sink with a cotton pad to get there. Looks like makeup wipes finally get an approval from me.

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