The Tattoo Trend That Combines Minimalism With the Best Part of Spring

The Tattoo Trend That Combines Minimalism With the Best Part of Spring
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The best kind of tattoos are the ones with a Napoleon complex. Allow me to explain. I’m talking about the ones that are small in size, but demand the attention of anyone within a five foot vicinity of you. Sure, they’re sort-of minuscule compared to your bigger ones (if you have that many). And it probably took about 10 seconds for you to decide that you actually wanted it. But more often than not, these are the teeny shapes (simple floral ones included) that mesmerize with intricate line work and vibrant color. I know because I’m the girl who will stop you in the middle of the street and ask where you got it from.

My tattoo philosophy is that it’s never a bad time to get one. There are no ink rules, though trends are definitely coming and going. Last year it was all about bold blast-overs and huge hand pokes on top of the ones that seem to have a permanent spot on our Instagram feeds. Those are typically minimal illustrations and black and white fine lines. But if I had to pinpoint the G.O.A.T. of all G.O.A.T. designs, it’s definitely the simple floral tattoo.

Simply put, it’s a hodge-podge of everything a minimalist would love. They’re usually small in size, extremely intricate in terms of line work, but still vibrant if you opt for color. And with spring finally on the horizon, we can’t think of a better time to start gathering inspo…or at least just gawking over the art. Here’s the best of Insta-inspo for your viewing pleasure.

The teeniest rose.

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Floral figure for Cindy 🌸 #handpoked

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Floral figure.

A permanent bouquet.

A single wildflower.

Make a wish.

A Jasmine for good luck.

Matching lilies.

Three Delphiniums.

Violets for one.

A floral trifecta.

Brains and beauty.

A permanent wristband.

The bluest of roses.

Matching wildflowers.

Two little ones.

Vibrant botanicals.

Florals on the rib.

A clavicle bouquet.

Falling petals.

Darling dandelions.

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Fine lines floral.

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Floral fine lines.

A flower constellation.

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The perfect pair.

Words in bloom.

A magenta lotus.

Just fine.