Silver Spoons


When we shoot on model, I have to get to the office between 7 and 7:30 am. That means that I don’t dry my hair or put on makeup, and I’m sleep deprived. Yesterday, around 3 o’clock I had to leave to speak in front of a ton of people at Macy’s about the new fall Anne Klein collection, and I still looked like I had just rolled out of bed. I looked to the hair and make-up team we had in the studio for serious help. After getting a hip French braid put in my hair, Megan applied my makeup during which she taught me two really great tricks. First, she gushed about the huge effects eye drops make. Eye-drops? A couple drops of Visine later, I looked remarkably more refreshed.  Then came the crazy part. She pulled a metal spoon out of her kit and used it to curl my lashes. My eyelashes have never looked better and all it takes is a spoon. You take the spoon and press it to the base of your lashes, just like a regular eyelash curler, and rub your lashes against the back of the spoon. You have much more control than you have with an eyelash curler and you can get them to do exactly what you like them to.