Is The SiliSponge the New Beauty Blender?

Is The SiliSponge the New Beauty Blender?
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We’re all about any new, trending tool that promises us a smooth, poreless foundation finish. Sure, it’s logically impossible to get a no-makeup-makeup look that both disguises every bump and mark on your face and still looks totally natural, but we’re willing to try anything, right? And apparently, we’re not the only ones who feel the pull of As-Seen-on-TV-esque marketing, because last week, the internet found its new obsession in a “magical” tool called the SiliSponge, which looks a lot like a jiggly breast implant.

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The SiliSponge ($9) is a clear, silicone-looking pad (it feels wrong to call it a sponge, despite the name, seeing as there are literally no nooks or crannies on this thing) that we’re pretty sure is just a boob pad. The draw? Its non-porous surface, which the site claims will solve the problem that regular makeup sponges supposedly create: soaking up all of your liquid makeup, being difficult to clean, and creating an uneven, stippled-like finish. “The foundation needed is literally just have the amount compared to directing using brush or sponge [sic],” says the Hong Kong-based Molly Cosmetics site.

Naturally, the Reddit beauty community was skeptical. “Lol that sounds asinine,” says user ocicataco, “all it does is ‘apply’ the foundation to your face, and you still have to buff it out with a brush or sponge? Gimmick. GIMMICK.” Another user agreed, writing, “This seems like a great idea, but if you have to go back with a brush or a Beauty Blender to blend it out, then those products could still soak up the foundation. It might be less, but it seems like that’s just an unavoidable issue.” Still, despite the skeptics, the SiliSponge is totally sold out on Molly Cosmetics, with the next earliest ship date being the middle of January 2017.

Luckily, just as the internet giveth and taketh one week, it always giveths again. Though the SiliSponge itself is out of stock, you can buy a similar-looking pad (we’re willing to bet it’s literally the exact same one) called the Lucent Sponge ($13), which is being touted as “the anti-sponge.” Or, you can just pick up a pack of silicone bra inserts and slap ‘em around your face, like the team at Cosmopolitan did (spoiler: the dupe actually worked really, really well). If you manage to get your hands on a SiliSponge or Lucent Sponge, test it out and tell us in the comments, below!

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