Silhouette Makes Sense


Have you ever heard that everyone has a dominant sense? Whether it’s hearing, sight, taste, touch or smell, everyone has one that is better than all the others. Unfortunately, I don’t fall under that “everyone” category. I’m a freak of nature that was born with a complete set of subpar senses.* And this includes sight. I actually have an eyeglass prescription that I should use while driving, looking for someone in a crowd, and really even when crossing the street. But once again, my vanity takes precedence and I refuse to wear my terribly unflattering frames.

Enter Silhouette glasses. You have to try them on to truly understand their powers. Every aspect of the frames can be personalized; color, shape, and size. So you essentially create your own perfect pair of glasses. If you have a small face and a big nose you can choose the small lens and pair them with the large bridge. If, like me, you have a heart-shaped face with a little nose and brown hair, you can choose the square-round lens, with a small bridge, and light brown arms.  If you aren’t sure what style is best for you, has a slew of hard-hitting questions (i.e., would you prefer to accessorize with a bag, a ring or a fountain pen?) to help you figure it out. And as an added bonus they are unbelievably light, so you might even forget how good you’re looking in those glasses.

*My good friend Vivian once kindly reflected that my dominant sense must be my sixth sense….