8 Signs You Really Need a Haircut, Like Yesterday

Victoria Moorhouse

Life gets busy, and if you’re not the type of person who religiously books salon visits in six-week increments or considers a quarter-inch trim a daring change, haircuts might not ever make it into your iCal. Forgetting to get a cut isn’t a big deal at first, especially if you’re working on growing out your hair. But there comes a time when not even a serum or a mask can work magic on split and dead ends, and a chop is the only way to put a stop to the seemingly endless bad hair day cycle you’ve been living with. Not sure if you’re at the point where an emergency phone call to your hairstylist is needed? Here are 8 reasons you needed to get a haircut yesterday.

1. Throwing all your hair onto the top of your head has become your one and only hairstyle.

2. You didn’t cheat on your hairstylist… It’s more like you actually can’t remember the last time you visited your salon.

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3. Putting off your haircut so you can dress up as Rapunzel has crossed your mind more than once.

4. Every morning you look for a new way to conceal your split ends, it doesn’t work, and you’re convinced good hair days are a thing of the past.

5. You look forward to subzero temps so you can wear a hat.

6. The only way you can get a brush through your dead ends is with copious amounts of conditioner and detangling spray. In fact, you’ve considered buying it in bulk.

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7. The hair flip is a move you’ve mastered, meaning you shake your head back and forth every five seconds to get your bangs out of your eyes.

8. Your Pinterest boards (even the ones not hair-related) are overwhelmed with Beyonce haircuts you want to try.