Why Wearing the Same Makeup Every Day Isn’t a Bad Thing

Shannon Farrell
Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad wearing her signature cat eye.
Photo: Getty Images

I never realized how infrequently I switch up my beauty routine until I got my makeup done this week and the artist asked me what I normally wear. A light foundation or BB cream, a taupe eye shadow, mascara, a bold lipstick and that’s pretty much it. She played off this, only adding a powdered eye liner around three quarters of my eye. Not a big change…and yet, I couldn’t wait to get home to scrub it off.

As a beauty editor and makeup hoarder, you’d think that I’d venture into trying new colors, applications, and products all the time. I do, but I always find myself returning to my signature look. But is this a bad thing?

There are tons of celebs out there who also have signature looks, and they have teams of professionals on the ready to reinvent them every day. Yet Gwen Stefani doesn’t step out the door without a bright red lip (even in paparazzi shots with the kids, she’s decked out in red), Lauren Conrad rarely makes the rounds without a cat eye, and what would Zooey Deschanel look like without her false lashes? These ladies’ looks might not be the most exciting to write about, but I can never say a bad thing about them, either. They found what works and they stick with it.

When I wear a lot of eye makeup, I feel like I’m playing dress up. But when I keep the lids light and paint on a bold fuchsia or red lipstick, I feel like more put together. I feel more like myself. So, am I in a makeup rut or have I found what works?

Do you have a signature beauty look? Are you proud of it or do you wish you could be more creative in your makeup choices? 

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