News: Sienna Miller Goes Red; Allison Brie’s Cool Girl Lipstick

Victoria Moorhouse
sienna miller red hair

David M. Benett / Getty Images

Sienna Miller‘s brief stint with rose gold locks is nothing compared to this huge hair color switch. Blonde no longer, the actress is now officially a redhead. And while we were a little surprised to see the change, it’s not unlike Sienna to make major beauty moves. From her effortlessly cool braided updos to that iconic bob, she is the epitome of hair inspiration. [Getty]

No matter if you’re into powder or just dig cream-based blush, the key to really getting the application down is in the placement. Yep, the struggle will end if you know where on your face to apply your color. Rosy flush, here you come! [StyleCaster Beauty]

Allison Brie‘s lipstick game is almost too strong. The celebrity recently walked a red carpet wearing the most perfect shade of neon pink lipstick you’ll ever see. []

Scented jewelry takes a backseat to this smell-good accessory trend. Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian has designed perfume-enhanced leather accessories, including iPhone cases and ID card holders. It’s definitely cool, but we wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a total beauty staple. Still, if you want your handbag to smell like a dream—and less like the minty gum wrappers floating around—it might be worth the splurge. Just maybe. [Vogue]

Whether you’re habitually late or just had that type of morning, it’s good to have a stock of hairstyles that take no time at all to complete. Here’s a bunch that you can master in less than 3 minutes. [Byrdie]