5 Side-Swept Hairstyles You Can Do In Under 5 Minutes

From the edgy side shaved look to girly side-swept waves on the red carpet, the asymmetrical look is everywhere. We were inspired to play with the trend using five hairstyles you can recreate in under five minutes. And what’s the speedy trick, you ask? Hair accessories. With a comb here and a headwrap there, you can pull your hair up and away with no product whatsoever.

side-swept hair

Photo: Rolando Robínson

For the classic side-swept wave look, the easiest trick is to just clip the hair in place. This Colette Malouf Mesh Spider Flower Snap Clip ($78, colettemalouf.com) pulls almost half of the hair in so the style doesn’t move like it can with bobby pins.

Side braid

Photo: Rolando Robínson

Dress up a simple messy side braid with a headwrap, like this Crystal Climbing Leaf Headstrap ($228, colettemalouf.com). For the perfect contrast in messy vs. chic, tug on the braid to loosen.


Photo: Rolando Robínson

Give your waves a fall makeover with a gold headwrap that resembles the changing leaves, like this Embroidered Silk Feather Headstrap ($228, colettemalouf.com). Pull the wrap to the side so it lays behind the ear.

side ponytail

Photo: Rolando Robínson

Here’s our five-second trick to a fancy ponytail — clip it to the side with a beaded barrette. Make sure to choose one wide enough, like the Encrusted Crystal Barrette ($70, colettemalouf.com) pictured above, so all of the hair easily fits and falls softly.

hair comb

Photo: Rolando Robínson

Create a deep side part and keep hair in place with a comb. This style is great for growing-out bangs that haven’t quite reached behind the ear.

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