Sia’s Wig At the Grammys Wins For Craziest of the Night

Sable Yong



Lester Cohen/Getty

After her SNL performance with black tulle visors, it’s become quite exciting to see what new method Sia will come up with next to shield her identity. Well, she definitely delivered with her signature blonde bob, pumped up nearly 500% (and from platinum to pure white) with a frizzed out bouquet of hair, bangs hiding her eyes.

With the star of her Chandelier and Elastic Heart music videos and personal mini-me, Maddie Ziegler, in tow, Maddie wore a similar wig that revealed her face (because someone is going to have to lead a bang-blind Sia around).

Sia’s mentioned that the blonde bob is very well her signature look– you can even purchase wigs from the merch section of her website. We’re waiting to hear whether these super-sized Grammys versions will go on sale on her site soon too!

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