Sia Responds to Backlash from Animal Rights Activists Over Collaboration with MAC Cosmetics

Sia Responds to Backlash from Animal Rights Activists Over Collaboration with MAC Cosmetics
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Sia recently came under fire by animal rights activists on the internet for her recent collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, which reportedly tests on animals. The 41-year-old singer, who was named the makeup brand’s #VivaGlam spokesperson, was lambasted and for supporting a company that tests on animals, despite being a vegan.

For years, MAC has been criticized for its support in animal testing. Because the makeup brand sells its products in China, where it is legally required that imported cosmetics are tested on animals by government employees, many users consider the company complicit in animal testing. Due to the controversy, and Sia’s history as a vegan and an animal activist for organizations like PETA, the singer was slammed and called a hypocrite for her collaboration with MAC.

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After the backlash, Sia took to Twitter to defend herself. She explained that MAC does not test on animals (which is technically true—Chinese government employees do) and that the brand is actively trying to end animal testing in the beauty industry. Along with her tweet, Sia linked a statement from MAC on its stance on animal testing.

Sia’s response didn’t go over well on the internet, which poked holes in her defense. Users explained that MAC still sells in China, which condones animal testing, and thus, the company is complicit.

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Currently, Sia and MAC Cosmetics’ collaboration is still on, with the proceeds for each of the campaign’s lipsticks going toward HIV and AIDs awareness. Though, it looks like the the partnership’s animal testing scandal might eclipse the actual cause.