A New Spray Promises to Cut Your Blowdry Time in Half—and It Really Works

Rachel Krause
(Michael Stewart/FilmMagic)

(Michael Stewart/FilmMagic)

Blowdrying is a bitch, but like exercising, eating a reasonable amount of vegetables, and putting on pants before you leave the house, it’s pretty much a necessary evil.

For my part, if I don’t blowdry my hair it works itself into a very strange, very undesirable shape, flat on top with an outward flick at the ends, which I hate and do not wish on anybody. I don’t wash my hair every day, so it’s not like I blowdry seven times a week (twice a week is more my vibe), but whenever I do I spend the requisite 30 minutes gritting my teeth over the injustice.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m always much more pleased with my post-blowout hair than I would be with its air-dried state, so it’s worth it, but I’m an impatient person for whom nothing ever happens as quickly as I’d like. Consequently, I gravitate toward “time-saving” beauty products: tinted moisturizers with SPF, acne-fighting concealers, color that functions as both blush and lip tint … you get the point. So the revelation that a product intended to shorten blow-dry time existed was a real “come to Jesus” moment.

Shu Uemura Straightforward Time-Saving Blowdry Oil Spray ($39) makes one truly wonderful claim: It promises to cut your blowdry time in half. Half! That’s half the amount of time spent toiling away in the mirror while life keeps happening around you.

The formula contains the same “gliding agents” as foundation which, in layman’s terms, means it goes on velvety and smooth, not at all like the slick, slippery texture you might imagine with the word “oil” in the name. It’s intended for medium to thick hair, not my fine, flimsy duckling strands, but because my hair is so porous and damaged from years of nonstop abuse, the oil doesn’t weigh it down—besides, you only use it on the lengths of your hair, not at the roots.

It’s changed my blowdrying game in a variety of ways: It helps keep the round brush from getting all tangled up in my hair, which is a problem I dealt with for a very long time, and it significantly cuts down on the amount of frizz and flyaways that my frazzled texture loves to show off. The star ingredient is black cumin oil, which is allegedly known as “the oil of the pharaohs,” which sounds very rich and royal and great. And yes, my hair dries much, much faster.

I was sick and tired of being a slave to the blowdryer—and this lightweight spray provided an easy, instant solution. How’s that for problem-solving?

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