Shu Uemura makes hot pink H-O-T-T


If these surprisingly wearable hot pink shades don’t scream spring, I don’t know what does.

The chemistry behind these exceptionally vibrant pinks is revolutionary. While bright pink lipsticks have typically been formulated by mixing irregularly sized red and white pigments together, often resulting in a muddy shade, Shu Uemura’s newly discovered and patented Pink Hybrid Pigment creates pink shades by fusing a mineral core and organic shell together resulting in perfectly round and uniform particles. Science aside, the effect of this process is a pink lip color unlike any you have seen before. 

With nine lipsticks and five glosses ranging from pale yellowish pink hues to dark tints with purple undertones, spring just got a whole lot brighter.

Rouge Unlimited Pink Lipstick, $23, Gloss Unlimited Pink, $22, both at

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