Show Me Some Leg


I’m not sure why but whenever summer rolls around and I lay out trying to get some color, my legs seem to want to rebel against getting a tan.

Sure my thighs will get color but my shins and calves seem to remain a shade above pasty. Dilemma.

To battle this I turn to let bronzing sticks. My go to? Michael Kors Leg Shine. This stick gives your legs a little golden/bronzey kick! It has an amazing floral scent and goes on smooth and it doesn’t stain your clothes. Also, it comes in a mini to-go size at Sephora! So if you’re traveling to China, or LA or Boise, Idaho, your legs can be glowy and golden even on the road. 

P20355 hero Show Me Some Leg
2.7oz for $32.00

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