Beauty Buzz: The Benefits of Shaving Your Face, A New Beauty Tutorial App, More

Victoria Moorhouse
Shaving Face

Diana Lee Angstadt / Getty Images

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1. Shaving—the beauty ritual long practiced by men trying to nix their five o’clock shadow—may boast a few smooth skin benefits. [Marie Claire]

2. Could taking a quick nap better help you deal with frustrating tasks? A study explores the pluses of catching midday Zzz’s. [Science of Us]

3. Make room on your iPhone! There’s an app out there that makes finding (and creating your own) beauty tutorials a piece of cake. [Allure]

4. The foods that will help your bod recover and refuel after your workouts. Snack time, anyone? [Byrdie]

5.  The $2 soap that’s getting a lot of buzz for reportedly being an all-star makeup brush cleaner. []