Strange Beauties: The Fragrance Edition


Etat Libre D’Orange Jasmin et Cigarettes, $80,

I have always had an affinity for unusual scents. I think one of my favorite aromas of all time, thanks to many days on end spent hidden away in my college darkroom, is stop bath. That digital cameras are the future of photography saddens me most because I will sincerely miss the pungent scent of that bright yellow-hued chemical. Gasoline and a skunks protective spray also rank pretty high on my list. So while I appreciate a meticulously executed ladylike tea-rose or tuberose perfume, I get far more excited about the stranger fragrance varieties. Here, my top five favorites.

Etat Libre DOrange Jasmin et Cigarettes (above)
I may be a quitter but I will always have a secret penchant for the scent of tobacco; and combined with jasmine it embodies the way I imagine every chic French woman should smell.

Santa Maria Novella Nostalgia
97827 1282664093 Strange Beauties: The Fragrance Edition
Santa Maria Novella Nostalgia, $110,

Remember how I said I loved the smell of gasoline? Thats in this vintage race car-inspired scent. So is leather. And a bit of tire rubber. Delish!

CB I Hate Perfume In the Library
97828 1282664123 486x Strange Beauties: The Fragrance Edition
CB I Hate Perfume In the Library, $65,

Im an avid collector of old books. As much as I like the text, and the often antiquated cover design and font, I adore the aged smell more than anything. This perfume perfectly imitates that old book scent.

Demeter Dirt
97830 1282664138 486x Strange Beauties: The Fragrance Edition
Demeter Dirt, $40,

Take your earth mother vibe to a whole other level with this soil-scented cologne.

LArtisan Parfumeur Dzing!
97831 1282664148 486x Strange Beauties: The Fragrance Edition
L’Artisan Parfumeur Dzing, $134,

It doesnt get more playful than this circus-inspired perfume with notes of saddle leather, sticky candy and sawdust.