Stila’s Makeup Player: A Hybrid Among Hybrids

Lauren Caruso

While some inventions that combine two existing products can be awesomely ingenious, most hybrids flop think the blow-drying straightener, the Snuggie (though up for debate) and the pluot (i.e. a plum and an apricot). But then Stila came along, puffed out its shoulders and conceived the ultimate two-in-one mash-up: the Makeup Player.

This game-changing invention is a cosmetics case complete with built in speakers and a iPod or mp3 dock so you can jam out while you get ready. Seriously.

Beyond being a portable vanity (awesome) and a portable boom box (double awesome), the $70 case comes with a near-complete makeup bag stocked with lip glaze, three shadows and a foundation. The Makeup Player also offers free tutorials that you can download straight from Stila’s site.