Home Pedicure: Apple Cider For Your Feet?

Home Pedicure: Apple Cider For Your Feet?
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As soon as the temperature starts to get brisk enough for wooly knits and the leaves on the trees turn into a feast of red, yellow and orange hues, I know its time to once again break out my favorite fall tipple: spiked hot apple cider. And while I have long known of the positive effect cider has on my belly, I had yet to experience its benefits for my feet. Yup, thats right, I said feet.

Enter Sweet Lily, one of my very favorite local nail havens, where the music is always mellow, the flowers arranged in vintage Ball jars are fresh and the seating is plush. Sweet Lily always offers a seasonally-themed nail treatment, and to celebrate the arrival of autumn this year they have added a Cranberry Apple Pedicure ($68 for 60 minutes; sweetlilyspa.com) to the menu. Feet are soaked in warm cider filled with floating slices of red apples, then thoroughly polished with a cranberry seed exfoliant and finally massaged with an organic cranberry oil. It all looked and felt delightful, but does it actually do anything for your skin? Absolutely apple cider is chock full of beneficial alpha hydroxy acids, cranberry seeds are a natural exfoliant and their oil is super moisturizing.

My feet looked and smelled amazing afterwards, thanks also in great part to the thorough ways of nail tech Soni. But since not everyone can make it to Tribeca for an appointment with Soni, the foot massaging whiz, here are our favorite products for whipping your feet into shape in the comfort of your own home

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Wear this at night with socks; wake up with soft feet that smell like summer. (Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème, $9, Macys.com)

Ridge Out helps even out the nail surface. (Ridge Out Base Coat, $8, Beautybrands.com)

The Solar Oil works magic on dry cuticles. (Creative Nail Design Solar Oil, $7.59, Drugstore.com) (Ridge Out Base Coat, $8, Beautybrands.com)

A super moisturizing balm for the blister-prone that also deodorizes. (Sally Hansen Just Feet Spa Peppermint Foot Stick, $6.25, Sears.com)

It’s not apples and cranberries, but still delicious smelling and highly effective. (OPI Cucumber Scrub, $19.95, HairProducts.com)

High-shine formaldehyde-free formulas and a ridiculously cool color range. (Rescue Nail Lounge polishes, $18, PlanetBeauty.com)

All the smoothing and shaping tools you require. (Revlon Pedi-Expert Shower Pedicure Kit, $9.99, Drugstore.com)

These lightening fast-drying drops have an adorable name and a vegan formula. (Spa Ritual Andale Dry & Shine Drops, $15, Dermstore.com)

A durable file and buffer and a strong topcoat for chip-free nails. (Orly 3 Way Buffer, $1.29, Hello-gorgeous.net, and Polishield 3-in-1 Topcoat, $6.99, Discountbeautycenter.com)

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