Chapped Lips: The Best Of Lip Exfoliants

Julia DiNardo

You cant deny the hanging, rough, tiny chunks of lip skin and chapped, burning sensation that just embarrassingly happens when the temperatures drop. Sometimes lips can even get dried out due to an excessive use of a certain lip gloss or lipstick youve been applying on the regular. The only solution at hand is to get rid of the rough stuff with some rough stuff. Weve picked our favorite lip exfoliants, many of which are infused with natural ingredients, to get rid of that nasty, dry skin and pave the way for your lip makeover.

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What It Is: The Body Shop Lip Scuff
Why Its Great: You can quickly get your lips back up to prime puckering order with this Lip Scuff, which, although it is rough, it does the job without leaving a stinging feeling thanks to the crushed fig stone granules that remove the dead skin and peppermint oil to help soothe your tattered kissers.
Price: $12
Available: The Body Shop

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What It Is: Smashbox Emulsion Lip Exfoliant
Why Its Great: You do the work yourself by applying the emulsion to both top and bottom lips, working in a circular motion, being as tough and abrasive as you want to be! This formula needs to stay on for a few seconds in order to seep in, working shea butter and jojoba deep into your lips to help prevent further dryness and cracking.
Price: $18?
Available: Ulta,, Nordstrom

108181 1294067471 Chapped Lips: The Best Of Lip Exfoliants

What It Is: Korres Organic Lemon Lip Scrub
Why It’s Great: With botanical ingredients at its core, this scrub uses the natural exfoliating powers of rice powder combined with coconut flour, jojoba seed oil and beeswax to prep lips for smoothness. Korres products are reassuring in that you know you won’t be depositing any harsh chemicals into your skin, as the formulations contain no parabens, sulphates, silicones, or petrochemicals.
Available: Korres

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What It Is: Jane Iredale Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator
Why It’s Great: Because is there really anything more delectable than sugar and butter? With organic brown sugar as the main exfoliating ingredient, you can naturally remove the rough stuff, and in one flip of the wrist, paint over your formerly beat up lips with the tinted limp plumper. The slick, slender packaging is perfect for a night out when it’s cold outside, and you have limited space in your bag.
Price: $24
Available: Jane Iredale,