Beauty Trend: Testing Body Oils

Rachel Adler

There are only so many ways to keep our skin moisturized in the winter, and once we’ve mastered the skill of lathering on the thickest cream in a steamy bathroom post-shower (and multiple times throughout the day) and we’re still snake-like, it’s time to look elsewhere for moisture. Oils have become quite the trend over the last few years, and we’re finally catching on, so we at SC decided to test out the best body oils to keep our gorgeous selves moisturized through these bitter winds. Find out the results below and see if you should be trading in for the liquidy stuff.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil
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Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil, $19.99,

“Im already a Weleda enthusiast, but had never tried their body oils. The Sea Buckthorn oil had a distinctive orange smell and coloring to it. The oil consistency was great for a post-shower moisture routine it absorbed quickly while still feeling like it was combating winter dryness.” – Amanda Shortall, Account Executive

June Jacobs Vanda Orchid Dry Oil
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June Jacobs Vanda Orchid Dry Oil, $45,

“My skin is already getting super dry and its only November, so on my first use, I actually put lotion on under the spray to be safe. But in the spirit of research, I used just the spray as directed the next day and it held up really well on its own to keep me moisturized. It smells beautiful without being overwhelming, but it doesnt really last which is kind of a bummer”. – Kerry Pieri, Features Director

The Organic Pharmacy Rose & Jasmine Body Oil
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The Organic Pharmacy Rose & Jasmine Body Oil, $46,

“I was rather skeptical of oils as I tend to get pretty oily skin in the winter (apparently my body over-compensates) and I assumed applying a body oil would result in the look of a greasy sunbather. But, much to my surprise, the Organic Pharmacy body oil soaked right into my skin leaving it extremely soft and smelling delicious. The rose and jasmine scent is supposed to be rejuvenating, and it definitely is I felt like I had just left a spa! It’s a great way to start your morning, and I’ll definitely be using it again.” – Rachel Adler, Beauty Editor

Ahava Mandarin Cedarwood Multi-Vitamin Dry Oil
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Ahava Mandarin Cedarwood Multi-Vitamin Dry Oil, $36,

“I am such a lotion girl, so I was definitely a little skeptical about trying a body oil, but after using the Ahava pure silk, I am now a believer. My favorite part about this particular oil was the light citrusy cedarwood scent. I was worried about feeling too greasy after using it, but it didnt leave me with any oily feeling whatsoever. Ill definitely be using it regularly from now on.” – Andrea Uku, Contributing Writer

Clarins Body Treatment Oil
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Clarins Body Treatment Oil, $52,

“I have extremely dry skin during the colder months especially on my legs but have always relied on really heavy lotions to hydrate my skin, so body oil is new to me. Our fashion assistant suggested using the body oil in lieu of shaving cream in the shower. It was a great recommendation and I definitely noticed a difference! I didn’t need to slather on lotion and the Clarins didn’t leave my skin feeling too slick or greasy. Afterwards, I followed the packaging directions and just applied in the morning before a shower. The biggest difference I noticed was that my skin was hydrated enough that I didn’t feel that uncomfortable itchiness that I usually got after coming inside from being out in the cold. I also loved the scent of tea tree oil and ginger!” – Janice Chou, Style & Market Editor