Shopping Makes Babies Happier and Smarter: Study

Sarah Barnes

Doing anything with a toddler in tow is a taxing task, so the idea of shopping with one might sound a little overwhelming. Not only is it nearly impossible to maneuver between tight racks of clothes, forget about entertaining them in the dressing room long enough for you to get one foot into those skinny jeans. However, according to a new study from Oxford University, toddlers benefit from the retail experience.

The survey looked into the daily routines of 800 parents with two and three-year-olds. Research found that the more retail therapy the toddlers were exposed to, the happier they seemed to be, and the more developed their everyday skills became.

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“The interaction between child and parent while shopping helps young people develop social skills and promotes happiness — even if a bawling toddler shows few signs of it at the time,” the study says.

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So instead of fumbling through your contacts to find a babysitter the next time you’re heading out for a day of errands, save some money and bring your baby along with you. It’s a total win-win.