Shopping Guide: The Perfect Headscarf

Rachel Nussbaum

Headscarves have been through a lot. From glamorous ‘50s actresses like Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren to bohemian festival-goers with scarves low on their foreheads, the storied accessory is now accessible in most chain-stores, and only slightly less glamorous for it. Along with its increased accessibility, the headscarf’s also grown more versatile: solid and print options in a range of fabrics make it work anywhere from the beach to more fashion-friendly offices (the boardroom is the last frontier).

With this variety comes with an important decision: You can stay true to its greasy roots and not shower for days to give your hair enough grit to hold a silk scarf in (the Woodstock way), or you can be kinder to those around you and go for a slightly elasticized incarnation. The technology of the 21st century, changing lives everyday. To help ease your decision making, we’ve rounded up 10 headscarves we’re currently coveting above. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to stand out.

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