Shiny Hair in No Time: Tricks For a Glossy Finish

Taylor Post
shiny hair


We all want that fresh out of the salon, healthy, super shiny hair. Alas, we can’t have our hairstylist do our hair every morning, so it’s important to learn the tricks of trade to create shiny hair yourself. From cool water to using the right brush, there are plenty of easy tips that will give your hair a glossy finish every day. Below are some of our favorite tricks!

Rinse with cool water: Hot water opens your hair cuticles which is great for when you’re applying conditioner. When rinsing out conditioner, it’s important to rinse with cool water. It closes the cuticle, keeping the moisture and shine locked in.

Leave-in conditioner: Conditioner is your friend. Both spray and lotion leave-in conditioners are great for adding an extra boost of shine. Either option will tame flyaways, leaving your hair silky smooth.

Use the cool hair dryer setting:  After blow drying your hair, close the cuticle by using the cool air setting on your dryer. This will lock in the style and show off the shine.

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DIY hot oil treatment: Warm the oil of your choice into a bowl (extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil work best). Be sure the oil is not bubbling or steaming; test it with your finger to feel the temperature. Place oil into hands to rub throughout hair, using a comb to evenly distribute the liquid. Place a shower cap over hair to create a warm environment for the cuticle to open and let oil penetrate. Let it sit for an hour, then shampoo and rinse out.

Choose the right flat iron: Ceramic flat irons typically glide easier, straightening your hair in less time, thus creating less damage. Different flat irons will work differently depending on your hair type. One flat iron that’s particularly good for smooth hair is the Argan Heat Flat Iron. The iron is coated in the natural Argan oil to add an extra shine to you hair as you style it.

Stay away from alcohol based products: Hair products containing alcohol dry out your hair immediately.They strip away all shine, leaving your hair dull and frizzy. Try using organic, or non-alcohol based products to help bring our your natural shine.

Spray on the shine: For a little extra boost of shine at the last minute, use a shine serum or spray. This is the easiest way to get the glistening effect with a quick spritz.

Try round brushes with natural bristles: These brushes are the best way to distribute your natural oils from root to tip, giving you a natural shine. Finish the look with a fast hit of cool air to lock in the shine.