Sheet Masks For Every Other Targeted Part Of Your Body

Sable Yong

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Other than being a great way to scare your family/friends/boyfriend, sheet masks are great skincare products for force-feeding a serum-like treatment onto your skin. The whole deal with using a sheet is that since it’s soaked in the treatment, it sticks to your skin, forming a barrier from the serum evaporating away from your skin as it’s trying to penetrate. This way, your skin gets the max amount of treatment. Apparently they must be quite effective because now sheet masks for other parts of your body are popping up too. Who knew so many places were in need of a super-targeted treatment?

bebe elbow mask Sheet Masks For Every Other Targeted Part Of Your Body

If elbows actually produced elbow grease this may not be an issue, but as a matter of fact, they do not. They are often the dry patchy weird areas of skin that you rarely think about, until you bang it on something or else the coarseness of the skin snags your favorite silk blouse. Not cool. Why not throw a band-aid full of moisturizing complex on there? This little flower-shaped mask will make those knobby elbows nice and soft. (Bebe Elbow Mask, $3.99, EyeCandy‘s)

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gold breast white 2 Sheet Masks For Every Other Targeted Part Of Your Body

They may not get to see the sun that often but apparently your breasts suffer from aging as well. With these daisy-like circles though, an infusion of gold, antioxidants, organic nutrients, and collagen all work to plump your skin back to its youthful vitality. If there’s anywhere some of us may have desired plumping, it would likely be in the breasts. Though, if nothing else, the skin will be well moisturized… (Jamela Luxurious Gold Crystal Collagen Breast Masks, $76 at

Innisfree Eco Finger Mask Rose & Rosehip 7.5g2 (for 1 use)_title


We are actually thrilled that these exist because how often do your fingers, nails and cuticles take a beating? Daily. These little finger cocoon masks deliver the same super-hydrating, conditioning and antioxidant-rich treatment that a face sheet mask would but for your thirsty cuticles. You’ll notice the difference probably as soon as you take them off at how hand-model your nail beds suddenly look. (Innisfree Eco Finger Mask, $3,



Kocostar Ggongji Hair Pack

Yes, you read correctly. A hair pack means hair mask. Sheet masks went there. It’s pretty much a hair-net with treatment in it. You put your hair in a ponytail, dip it into the mask/bag and then cinch it up and massage in. With collagen, keratin, royal jelly extract, proteins, and other hair conditioning goodies, this literal bag of tricks will turn your pouffed out pony into a sleek waterfall of hair. (Kocostar Ggongji Hair Pack, $3.70,

Missha Shaping V Mask

Perhaps you have not have given much scrutiny to your jawline and the area below your chin and above your neck, but SOMEBODY has. The idea of this chin-sling is to treat your jaw while also firmly “contouring” it. We’re guessing this won’t exactly reshape your face, but it’s supposed to be a way to gradually slim and firm that area of your face/neck. Chins need love too! (Missha Near Skin Firming Peptide Shaping V Mask, $3,


Targeted eye treatments are no new thing, but eye patches are generally reserved for the optically maimed. These gold-laced ones are meant to deliver mega hydration along with hyaluronic acid and collagen. It also includes arbutin for brightening powers. You’ll feel oh so money using these, which we all know makes the eyes just a bit brighter anyhow. (New Spa Lifting Anti-Age Collagen Eye Patch, $16.50,

Tonymoly kis kis lovely lip patch


Lip masks are like the ultimate balm. They’re also a way to not talk to anyone for 5-15 minutes. This cute little lip mask from TonyMoly goes on like a jelly-textured sheet mask and then once you  take it off after several minutes you’re left with thoroughly hydrated and nourished lips. (TonyMoly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch, $4,

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