Shay Mitchell’s Easy Hack to Make Her False Eyelashes Look More Natural

Shay Mitchell
Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images.

Falsies are the bane of existence for everyone, even celebrities. They’re a hassle to put on, they weigh down the eyes and it’s almost impossible to avoid the weird strip effect they create when you put a band of fake eyelashes over your real ones. Fortunately, Shay Mitchell has a hack to solve that.

In an interview with InStyle Australia, the 31-year-old actress shared the industry-tested tricks she’s learned from working with dozens of celebrity makeup artists over the years. One of those hacks happens to be for more natural-looking false eyelashes. Her secret? Cutting her falsies into pieces.

“I’ve picked up a ton of great tips from all the amazing makeup artists I’ve worked with over the years!” Mitchell said. “Something I [learned] recently is to snip a strip of false lashes into a few pieces so it looks more natural when you apply it to your eyelid, and you don’t get that strip [effect] across.”

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Mitchell’s hack makes sense. By cutting her falsies into several pieces and applying them separately on her real eyelashes, the falsies are better able to blend in and maneuver on her eyelids as if they’re her natural-born lashes. Mitchell’s beauty knowledge didn’t end there. The Pretty Little Liars actress also revealed that swears by the age-old trick of spritzing hairspray on a spoolie to lock your brows in place.

“Also, apply heavy-duty hairspray to an eyebrow brush [and apply to brows] to keep them looking refreshed all day,” Mitchell said.

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Though chopping your falsies into pieces isn’t ideal, we think that Mitchell’s hack is worth the cut.