Makeover Alert: Shay Mitchell Just Got a Hot-as-Hell “Power” Bob

Makeover Alert: Shay Mitchell Just Got a Hot-as-Hell “Power” Bob
Photo: Getty Images

Bobs, lobs, and all the -obs in between can be tricky haircuts to pull off, unless you’re genetically blessed with phenomenally thick, textured hair that always looks like it’s being preceded by a wind machine. Or, of course, unless you’re a celebrity like Shay Mitchell, who posed for a seriously inspo-worthy picture with her new textured, rumpled, hot-as-hell “power bob” that looks anything but tricky.

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Yes, a “power bob,” which is what hairstylist Chris Appleton (whose clients include Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and pretty much every other celeb you love) called it when he posted a picture of the Pretty Little Liars star yesterday afternoon with the caption “the POWER bob” with a scissors emoji. We’re not exactly sure what a power bob is, unless it just means that you look insanely powerful and strong, like Mitchell does in this photo.

“This look is going to be really big in 2017,” said Appleton in an interview with Glamour. “It brings back texture into hair, which is really nice to see—it keeps it looking modern.” And, if you want to look like the powerful, nasty woman you are inside, Appleton recommends asking your stylist for a shoulder-length bob with a slight angle. Or, you know, just showing her this picture of Mitchell and saying, “This, now, please.” Either, or.

Scroll down to see what Mitchell Snapped about her new ‘do (“a casual cut and dye for today’s shoot—what are we thinking? Love?” she asks in one Snapchat video), and then go try this style out on yourself, before summer arrives with a vengeance and threatens to turn your bob into a frizz ball.

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