Shay Mitchell Uses Beets to Tint Her Lips, Taking Natural Beauty to a New Level

Shay Mitchell Uses Beets to Tint Her Lips, Taking Natural Beauty to a New Level
Photo: Getty Images

No one can deny the joy in discovering that celebrities are just as weird as we are. Sure, they have glam squads and millions of Instagram followers, but it’s satisfying to be reminded that they’re actual humans who use some of the same products and beauty hacks as we do. Last week, we finally felt on par with Shay Mitchell when she went into depth about her pore strip obsession, but today, the 30-year old got even more real when she revealed she uses a freaking vegetable to tint her lips.

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No luxe lipsticks or fancy-ass glosses for Mitchell—the “Pretty Little Liars” actress told Insider that she eats beets raw or roasted, but uses the cut-up leftovers for a natural, flushed color on her lips: “I’ll rub them on my lips if I want to have a natural rosy tint for the whole day, because it does really last,” she explains. “So yeah, you’re almost tinting your lips using a raw beet.”

Anyone who’s diced a beet has certainly noticed how pigmented the vegetable is, so it makes sense that it could be used as a natural lip tint. The hack is as natural as it can get, and Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, says the process is completely harmless. “Colored fruits and vegetables can temporarily stain the outer skin layers,” he explains.

Hey, if it gives us a fighting chance at looking as good as Shay Mitchell, maybe we’ll dab a few beets over our lips at lunch today.