News: Shay Mitchell’s Beauty Secrets; Men Try Contouring

Leah Faye Cooper
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Photo: Laura Cavanaugh / FilmMagic

Actress and Bioré brand ambassador Shay Mitchell shares the $6 secret to her beachy glow, her go-to brow groomer, and more. [Byrdie]

Tish and Snooky, the founders of Manic Panic (and one of the beauty industry’s greatest sister acts of all time) explain what they know best: how to dye your own hair. [STYLECASTER]

Salma Hayek‘s CVS-exclusive range of Nuance beauty products just expanded to include more cosmetics. Here’s a first look. [Popsugar]

Need a laugh? Check out this video of men trying contoured makeup looks. [BuzzFeed]

They might already be in your diet; now probiotics are in skin care products, too. Here’s why. [MIMI]

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