You’re Doing It Wrong: Shaving Your Legs

unnamed2 Youre Doing It Wrong: Shaving Your Legs

At-home lasers and waxing kits have become the talk of the town, but let’s get real—traditional shaving is still our go-to. Although hair grows back in days, the process takes mere minutes (about 20 minutes less than it takes to read the laser manual). Yet, with something so simple, we still manage to flub. The most common mistake? Shaving with a dull blade. 

“Using a dull blade may result in you pressing harder during a shaving stroke, which can also cause nicks and cuts,” says Venus dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine. When a blade is sharp, all you need is a light sweep along the skin. Anything harsher, especially along the bikini line, is going to cause razor burn.

“Once you start to notice that the blades on the razor are dull or you feel like you need to press harder to get a close shave, you should replace them,” says Dr. Levine. “For most women, this is after about 10-12 shaves. You can extend the life of your razor by rinsing the blades thoroughly after you have finished shaving and keeping the razor clean and dry when you are not using it.”

When purchasing, choose a multi-blade razor, such as the Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor ($12.99, “Closely-spaced blades help to reduce skin bulging between the blades,” that cause nicks. The razor should adjust to the curves of the body, reaching the knees and other hard-to-reach spots with soft, even strokes.

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