8 Shaving Cream Alternatives to Use on Your Legs

Taylor Post
woman shaving legs

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Whether you’ve run out of shaving cream or you’re just sick of paying the price, there are plenty of alternatives to the formula that make shaving possible. Not only will your wallet be thanking you for using these cheap household alternative, but your legs will be happy, too. These options will leave your skin just as smooth, if not more so, than regular shaving cream!

Conditioner: You may not have shaving cream in the shower already, but chances are you do have hair conditioner. This is one of the cheapest and most hydrating ways to shave. Don’t waste your high end conditioner, of course, but pick up an inexpensive drugstore option to use on your legs. Using conditioner to shave leaves your legs silky smooth.

Baby oil: Using baby oil as shaving cream reduces the chances of nicking your legs. One, it’s clear, so you can see exactly where you’re shaving and two, the oil helps the razor to slickly glide across the skin. Just be careful with baby oil to make sure you rinse the shower area after you shave so you don’t slip!

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Raw honey: Skin and honey go hand in hand. It’s great for moisturizing your face, which means it does the same for your legs. You may be scared that the honey is too thick, but with a little water, the honey rinses right off.

Body lotion: Similar to hair conditioner, body lotion will leave your legs feeling like satin. The steam from the shower opens up your pores, so applying lotion in the shower helps the formula penetrate deeper into your skin.

Coconut oil: If you are prone to razor burn, coconut oil is the answer to your prayers. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties that prevent razor burn from occurring, but also works as a moisturizer so your legs won’t dry out.

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Shea butter: For coarse hair, shaving with shea butter is amazing. It softens the hair and makes it easier to swipe away with a razor. It’s also a super moisturizer, so it will leave your legs hydrated and smooth.

Aloe vera gel: This one’s for the summer. Shaving with sunburn? It just isn’t going to happen. Unless, of course, you shave with aloe vera. The gel cools your legs and treats your burn to ensure an easier (and less painful) shave.

Body soap: When all other household items are gone, leave it to body soap to get the shaving job done. It works just as well as shaving cream and you can get it for a fraction of the price!