Shark Week Nail Designs: 10 Manicures to Help Celebrate

Augusta Falletta
Shark Week Nail Designs: 10 Manicures to Help Celebrate
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Discovery Channel coming up with Shark Week was an epic decision, much like Urban Decay creating the Naked palette and Essie introducing Ballet Slippers into our lives. Over the years, Shark Week has achieved cult status, inspiring countdowns, viewing parties and a slew of merchandise viewers could proudly wear to let everyone in the world know they’d be tuning in.

While we’re no different than the droves of people who anxiously anticipate Shark Week’s debut each year, there is one thing we tend to pay more attention to than most: Shark Week nail art. Whether the nail designs are sharks, algae, fish or anything else related to our favorite week of the year, we love them all. Here, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite Shark Week manicures. Take a look at the impressive artwork above and tell us which is your favorite in the comments below!

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Anyone who can paint the "Jaws 2" movie poster on their ring finger immediately needs a gold medal. 

Image via ONTD

One shark is plenty. We're hoping the rest of these nails are a little less carnivorous. 

Image via Nail Art Crack

We don't know which is scarier: The blood splatter nails or the shark art. 

Image cia Polishophrenia

This, ladies and gents, is the best use for a stiletto nail. 

Image via Deviantart

This little manicure makes a terrifying creature pretty cute. 

Image via Instagram

An alternative take on the Discovery Channel's most popular week, this fish skeleton is equally as freaky as the other shark art. 

Image via The Nail Network

That poor little goldfish doesn't stand a chance. 

Image via Ink 361

Possibly the most artistic take on Shark Week nail art we've seen yet, we love the abstract art on the majority of the nails. 

Now these nails are seriously impressive. Big kudos to the artist who can draw an entire school of sharks on five fingernails. 

Image via Basecoat-Topcoat

For those of you less capable of free handing shark art, these stickers help to give you a festive manicure.

Image via Etsy

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