Shape Up! MioMia Helps You Keep Your Brows In Check


Most beauty lovers learn the cosmetic ropes from an early age. We remember watching our moms “put their faces on” every morning and, despite being prepubescent, using eye de-puffing face masks and exfoliating wipes as soon as Bath and Body Works stocked them. But we never paid as much attention to our brows, those facial punctuation marks that define truly beautiful faces. A quick tweeze or (disastrous) wax at the local salon was the extent of our brow-shaping routine back in the day, and we haven’t done much to improve our habits.

That may change now that cult Bedford Avenue apothecary MioMia is partnering with makeup artist Thomas McEntee to offer personalized brow-shaping services. McEntee, who likes to “keep it simple,” understands how to shape brows to complement specific facial features. His clients are in good hands; McEntee’s worked with Ole Henriksen and “eyebrow king” Damone Roberts, and has pretty-fied the likes of Serena Williams and Joan Jett. And for those of you who’ve, like us, had one too many close calls with a rogue waxer in the back room of a nail salon, don’t worry– McEntee will do a consulation before tweezing away.

Few things can change a face as much as eyebrow shape. McEntee and MioMia might just be the answer to revamping your look and keeping you fresh-faced and au naturale through summer.

MioMia, 318 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211, 718.490.5599


Thomas at work